Mr & Mrs Davies Get Married in Pembroke Before Jetting off to Jamaica - South Wales Wedding Phot

Being asked to photograph a Wedding is always a massive honour, whether you know the couple or not. However, when friends chose you as their Wedding Photographer, there is perhaps a teeny tiny bit of added pressure. That being said, I felt totally privileged Chris & Lauren had chosen me to capture their day.

After attending the Wedding rehearsal the night before, (dogs also present), the scene was set... Waking up Saturday morning, the sun was beaming down on a picturesque Pembroke. The couple had chosen not to have photographs of the preparations, so it was a pretty laid back morning. Guests had began to arrive outside The Royal George around 11:15am, overlooked by the sun-lit Pembroke Castle.

Chris and Lauren had chosen St. Mary's Church in Pembroke Main Street for the Ceremony which was looking incredible with the morning light beaming through the stained glass windows.

St. Mary's Church, Pembroke Town, Wedding Photography
Church Altar, Sun, Stained Glass Window

The groom and his merry men were in good spirits and seemed relaxed as they greeted guests, ushering them to their seats. As a photographer, I love these moments, capturing the anticipation and excitement of the Bride's arrival.

Lauren arrived promptly, as firmly ‘advised’ by the vicar the night before - “You will arrive at exactly 11:52”. And to her credit, she arrived at 11:52! The crowds of Saturday shoppers came to a standstill as Lauren arrived in a pearl white stretch limo. Greeted by her Dad, a couple of final dress adjustments by her bridesmaids and a final moment of calmness to take it all in. Lauren began to walk down the aisle, arm in arm with her Dad, to meet the bushy, bearded man of her dreams!!

The service was full of little moments, with readings from Lauren's friend/bridesmaid and also the Father of the Groom. Lauren even suprised Chris with an a cappella choir whilst they were signing the register.

Father of the Groom

South Wales Wedding Photography

The awkward moment when the Vicar asks if anyone knows of any reason the couple cannot be wed!

Carmarthenshire Wedding Photography

Pembrokeshire Wedding Photography

It's the Bride's prerogative to bring traffic to a standstill! Totally loving this shot - Shout out to The Beatles and Abbey Road ;)

Lauren got a bit carried away with throwing (I say throwing, perhaps LAUNCHING is more suitable) her bouquet!

Then some bright spark decided it would be a good idea to set sail to the high seas around Pembroke Castle...with a load of expensive camera gear. But who was I to refuse!

As the rain set in, it was almost time for the newlyweds to rush off as they had a flight to catch to Jamaica. However, they didn't seem to mind too much.


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