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You're missing out if you book a photographer that leaves straight after the First Dance!

When choosing a Wedding Photographer it is important to find out what you're actually getting on the day. Here at Neil Williams Photography, we're not gonna just pack up and leave the moment the first dance ends! It's like reading a book without reading the final chapter. We love to stay and capture the moments once the nerves have subsided, the drinks are flowing and people are throwing shapes left, right and centre! Some of our best photos come from during the evening celebrations when people relax, be themselves, and switch off to the photographer being there. You normally find the shy ones during the day find a whole new alter-ego after a shandy or two. It's also nice to get creative with light for those dramatic couple shots once the sun has gone down. Check out some of our favourite after hours Weddings shots.

Candid you want - candid you got...!

I hope from this post it has given you guys an idea of what you would be missing if you chose a photographer that doesn't stick around into the evening. We would love to hear more about the plans you have for you big day. Please get in touch via the Contact form and let's get the ball rolling!



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